The first and only time I went to a Beyoncé concert, she introduced herself and told us how happy she was that we decided to come to her show. I remember being in disbelief thinking, “Are you kidding? It’s an honor to be in the presence of the Queen Bey.” I figure if Beyoncé is so humbled that we’d attend her concert, times that by a 1,000 for me being so humbled that you’d come want to learn about me.

My name is Chelsie and I am the host of Weird Mom podcast. Like many other people, I started this as a project and something to do while, you know, the world was going through some hard times with a certain disease. I knew that I wanted to start a podcast for a while before that but I just wasn’t sure what mine would be about. Then I read something that said I should talk about something I wouldn’t get tired of talking about and it clicked: raising a human.

As the podcast title suggests, I am a mom to a three-year-old boy named Wade. Being a mother is something I wanted ever since I was sixteen-years-old so getting the opportunity to be this kid’s mother has been such a joy. But it’s also been full of a lot of different weird nuances that no one really mentioned (or they may have mentioned it but didn’t really give much detail). Those overlooked weird details are what make parenthood such a fascinating and rewarding experience if you ask me. And if I can shed some light on those subjects for all the new parents, soon-to-be parents, or even the seasoned ones, then I say that I’ve done my job.

In addition to being a mom, I’m also a wife to my high school sweetheart, Robert. We met on MySpace back in the late 00’s and have been doing this thing called “life” ever since. Becoming a wife (especially at eighteen) is a whole other can of nuances that no one tells you about. You may hear me touch on them here and there throughout the show nevertheless, he’s a great father and such a good husband to me. T_T

As for me as an individual, I enjoy long walks on the beach (seriously), Harry Potter (#HufflepuffPride), all things music, and listening to other people’s podcasts. If you’re into personality type stuff, I’m an Enneagram Type 2 and my MBTI type is ESFJ. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about what those things mean because what it translates to is this: I love helping people. It’s in every fiber of my being. And that is what I seek to do with Weird Mom. I’m out here trying to shatter that sense of loneliness and ease anxieties, okaayyyy? And to me, one of the the best ways to do that is by sharing real stories so that we can all connect with one another.

Anyways, thanks for visiting the Weird Mom podcast website. Make sure to take a listen to the show and keep being weird!